Dean, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Fundraiser by Steven

This fundraiser supports PY University of Science & Technology

$23,900 remaining
$6,100 raised
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About This Fundraiser

The Dean's fund for the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at PUST. Funds will be used to purchase textbooks, classroom technology, lab equipment and supplies to support student projects and senior practicum. Great engineers are problem solvers. Classroom instruction must be followed by the application of principles learned to real-world problems. This fund supports the engineering practice of our students which is a critical element of their education.

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About PY University of Science & Technology

Having its first graduating class in 2014, PY University of Science & Technology (PUST) desires to educate students to develop the country's infrastructure and reinforce the value of personal character. PUST’s curricula offer a range of applied majors pertinent to real life in the region and also promote the concepts of peace and prosperity. With the completion of their studies, students are equipped with a global perspective that reaches across disciplines to develop their country.  They are also given tools to engage in shared international efforts, drawing from their exposure to cross-cultural ideas and regular interactions with PUST’s international professors.

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