Lee Nichols Scholarship Fund

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This fundraiser supports Yanbian International Academy (연변국제학교)

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About This Fundraiser

The Yanbian International Academy (YIA) is an international private Christian school for K-12 students. Founded in 1992 by President Chin Kyung Kim of Yanbian University of Science and Technology (YUST), it remains closely tied with the university as over 50% of YIA students are children of YUST faculty. YUST faculty members are volunteers who freely offer their time and services on the field, and their children are in need of financial support for their education. The Lee Nichols Scholarship Fund aims to lighten the faculty's load of financing their children's education and invest in the children's future. The scholarship is named in honor of Lee Nichols, who served as YIA headmaster for twelve years (2000-2012) with selfless devotion. Mr. Nichols is now retired and resides in South Carolina. Please partner with us as we raise support to serve the families who are serving at YUST.

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About Yanbian International Academy (연변국제학교)

Yanbian International Academy (YIA) is an international Christian private school for K-12 students. YIA provides American curriculum to the children of YUST faculty members. YIA is well known for its dedicated and professional teachers. They bring with them a myriad of experiences, all attributing to how learning takes place in and out of the classroom. YIA students are greatly impacted by the combination of small class sizes and loving teachers. In June 2013, YIA held its first commencement for its graduating seniors, with many accepted by prestigious colleges in America.

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